what i do


Hey there!

I’m on the look out for certain types of people. Mommies and daddies who are looking for something different from photography. Families who choose to not do things like everyone else. I’m looking for people who aren’t stuck on traditional but want authenticity from their sessions. Because let’s face it, your todays are meant to be documented in the moment of you living them, right? None of that everyone-sit on the couch-in your white button up shirts-with your matching khakis-and smile the entire 1 hour I’m there.


if this is not your style, I’d love to refer you to a number of other fellow photographers.

BUT IF IT IS and you want your family’s life documented in a photojournalistic fashion, then I’m your gal!



aims to capture your real, everyday life.

Unposed. Raw. Beautiful.


With me around, there’s no need to hide your mess! I can guarantee there’s so much beauty in your mundaneness… burp cloths, dirty diapers,  laundry a mile high .. BELIEVE ME! There IS beauty in these messes because that’s the season your life is in right now.

A season that will change in just a few years. Won’t you want your family well documented?

I’m looking for humans who are passionate about images that leave a legacy… albums and prints they will show to their grandkids … toys, clothes, technology,  furniture style… I mean everything about this day and age. All captured in your homes or at your favorite outing. Oh my! How fun would it be for the next generation to take a peek at your beautiful mess from even a decade ago?

If you’ve been searching for somethin’ different.. somethin’ real… allow me to create that for you. Let’s chat!