Danvers Family Chiropractic | Danvers, MA

I’ve never thought I’d have the privilege of taking this photography passion of mine to the next level (well for me at least!!). In a year, I went from documenting families to now a local business, all in my photojournalistic style.  Just like each family has a story, so does a business. Dr. Tyler Pinstein of Danvers Family Chiropractic in Danvers MA is simply amazing. I say this  both from experience, as I have been a patient of his for a year now, and also from my interactions with him as a professional and a friend. Dr. Tyler goes above and beyond, designing a plan that will cater best to your physical ailments to get you back to doing the things you once loved doing. Seriously people! Check him out. His lovely wife and his handsomely energetic son, will make you (and your baby if you’ve got one) feel right at home the minute you step into their lobby.

This man is truly passionate about your health and the health of every family member. Adults, babies, kids. He’ll joyfully see them all.


Here are just a few from our 2.5 hour session.
lana_griffin_photography-01 lana_griffin_photography-04 lana_griffin_photography-44 lana_griffin_photography-08 lana_griffin_photography-09 lana_griffin_photography-11 lana_griffin_photography-46 lana_griffin_photography-45 lana_griffin_photography-43 lana_griffin_photography-36 lana_griffin_photography-42 lana_griffin_photography-41 lana_griffin_photography-27 lana_griffin_photography-39 lana_griffin_photography-38 lana_griffin_photography-37 lana_griffin_photography-35 lana_griffin_photography-32 lana_griffin_photography-31 lana_griffin_photography-30

How would a business documentary photography session look like you may wonder? 

Here’s how.

Besides a few basic questions of what your vision is for your business, what you’d like for me to capture/focus on, then from there, we sign a few papers, handle payments and that’s it. I simply show up and capture you doing your thang! Can it really be that simple? I think it should be 🙂 Dr Tyler (except for the head shots – which I think he enjoyed lol) as well as his patients did not have to pose or do anything unnatural or awkward in this session. AT ALL. He simply did what he does on daily basis resulting in these storytelling images which we both agreed, best represent his practice 😀

lana_griffin_photography-28 lana_griffin_photography-26 lana_griffin_photography-25 lana_griffin_photography-24 lana_griffin_photography-23 lana_griffin_photography-22 lana_griffin_photography-21 lana_griffin_photography-19 lana_griffin_photography-18 lana_griffin_photography-17

We both had SO much fun and so did his sweet patients!

lana_griffin_photography-15 lana_griffin_photography-12 lana_griffin_photography-10 lana_griffin_photography-06 lana_griffin_photography-47 lana_griffin_photography-03 lana_griffin_photography-02 lana_griffin_photography-50 lana_griffin_photography-51

If you’re a business, or know of any businesses who would love or need a documentary session to better help expose their business to the public, please contact me here. I’m passionate about your business doing well and will do my absolute best capturing you in all your glory! 🙂